La Torre, Costa Rica

About La Torre

For more than 50 years, the small botanical garden now known as La Torre was a coffee plantation owned by the Ramirez family. When the heads of this family died, the land was apportioned among their five children.

The first acreage sold to the electrical and cell phone conglomerate, ICE, and a cell tower was erected at the highest point, along a public access road. The homestead, limited in access, was also sold, and the land allowed to lie fallow. The coffee plants, no longer being tended, developed fungus and other diseases.

In 2011, the property passed to the current owners, John and Caryl Buford, who pledged to reforest the land in keeping with Costa Rica's ecological goals. Although not large in acreage, the property supports four houses, two efficiency apartments, a small gymnasium/clubhouse, and meandering garden paths in a gated community.